Proven Conservative Leadership

No Political Games.

Mark During COVID

Leadership During a Crisis

When COVID-19 hit Mark was there to take your calls. Business owners, individuals navigating the Unemployment Insurance Agency and multiple other concerned stakeholders called Mark's office and he spent countless hours returning their calls personally to help them with their issues and listen to their concerns. Mark promised to be an accessible and accountable leader for you, and he will always deliver on that.

100% Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, & Individual Rights

Mark’s conservative beliefs guide his decisions each and every day. In Lansing, he has stood up against the Governor’s overbearing lockdown restrictions and challenged plans to mandate masks and COVID-19 vaccinations. Mark has also staunchly stood against infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights and fought for a ban on dismemberment abortions.

Mark During COVID
State Capitol

Representing YOU In Lansing!

As your State Representative, Mark has been a voice for West Michigan values. He believes in stying connected to the community and is regularly at meetings and events throughout the district. Mark always has his constituents in mind as he considers legislation and helps to lead the state.